Why we exist


We believe everyone deserves 
a great education.

Not just an ok education, but the type of education that empowers people, ignites economies and elevates communities. 

We believe everyone can
drive social change. 

Not through charity as usual, but through smart philanthropy that strengthens organizations and accelerates change.


That's why we founded A Better Chicago. 

Our mission is to dramatically improve educational opportunities for low-income Chicagoans by investing in the most effective schools and programs in our region.


The Challenge

Research shows that college graduates do dramatically better across a vast range of life outcomes. And yet, after decades of reform efforts, only 14% of Chicago Public Schools students are graduating college by age 25. We are failing to prepare our students—and our region—to succeed in the 21st century. 

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our approach

A Better Chicago believes that we can transform education by transforming philanthropy. By investing heavily in solutions that work, and by holding ourselves accountable to results, we believe that we can dramatically improve educational prospects for Chicago's disadvantaged youth. 

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The TEAM THAT makeS it possible



A Better Chicago’s staff bring a variety of experiences and expertise to the organization. All team members share a deep commitment to A Better Chicago’s mission and are passionate about impacting educational outcomes in Chicago.

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A Better Chicago's board of directors and leadership council guide our strategic direction. They underwrite all of our operating expenses, so that 100% of donations to A Better Chicago are invested directly in our portfolio. 

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Our pro-bono and investment partners are passionate about creating educational opportunities in Chicago. They provide us with the financial and intellectual support to make a difference. We appreciate their dedication to building A Better Chicago.

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