Panel topics

The Student Experience: Growing up in Chicago’s Education System

Chicago students face many obstacles inside and outside the classroom, making it difficult for them to reach their potential. Hear from four young people as they share their personal stories about growing up in the city and navigating this reality. How do issues like violence, school closings and lack of funding impact them? What would they change to improve education for Chicago students?


Fixing Illinois’s Approach to School Funding

Research shows that low-income students require more supports to achieve college and career readiness, but in Illinois we are doing the opposite. Illinois ranks 49 out of 50 states for funding equity: for every dollar we spend on a student with average means, we spend only 77 cents on a low-income student. What consequences does this have on our students and communities? How can we make progress so we can better serve students in Chicago and across Illinois?

Debating School Choice

School choice is a nuanced and controversial topic that is in the spotlight now more than ever. While it is easy to agree that parents want the best education possible for their children, the question persists of whether choice is essential to driving improvement in United States education. What are the arguments for and against school choice? What role, if any, should school choice play in education?

A Better Chicago: The Road to 2025

A Better Chicago is two years into our 10-year strategic plan with the key goals of serving 80,000 low-income students and achieving a 60% graduation rate for ninth-graders by 2025. We have a dashboard with high aspirations on a range of metrics. We will share our progress to date, what we have learned and our priorities looking ahead.


The A Better Chicago Education Summit is an invitation-only event and exclusive for A Better Chicago's investors and partners. For questions or more information about the Summit, please contact