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  • Grantee since: 2015
  • Current students served: 12,116


The Noble Network of Charter Schools (Noble) prepares low-income students for long-term success by focusing on college completion and the steps necessary to achieve it. The network does this by instilling a relentless focus on talent and improvement in its rigorous and highly autonomous schools.

Why We Invested

Noble is fundamentally changing the trajectory of Chicago students towards long-term success. Noble students are almost four times as likely to earn a degree by age 25 than peers at Chicago Public Schools (CPS) according to the latest data available (34% vs. 9%). Noble outpaces CPS on other critical indicators of college success including ACT growth, high school graduation rate and college enrollment rate. Noble is actively working to improve these results even further. In 2015, Noble received national recognition for its exceptional outcomes, winning the Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools, an award given to the nation’s highest-performing charter school network. Noble's management team, led by chief executive officer Michael Milkie, is characterized by an unwavering commitment to providing all students with a high quality education. Since 2006, Noble has expanded from one school to a network of 17 campuses across Chicago, and the organization is committed to continued growth.

Our Assessment

Want to learn more? Check out our organizational assessment.

Grantee Performance

Note: Key outcome and benchmark calculated using an indexed rate (each calculation input based on the most recently available data) rather than a cohort rate (calculation based on data from the same set of students over time) in order to reflect the current state of educational attainment as accurately as possible. This calculation reflects the percent of ninth graders who graduated high school, enrolled directly in a four-year college, and attained a bachelor’s degree within six years. The 9% bachelor’s degree attainment rate referenced above includes students attending non-selective enrollment high schools with similar demographics to Noble.

Source: Noble Network of Charter Schools; University of Chicago Consortium on School Research, Audited financial statements; Chicago Public Schools

Looking Ahead

Noble has replicated its model with consistency across 17 campuses mainly on the south and west sides of Chicago and currently serves over 12,000 students. Noble hopes to serve over 2,000 additional students by 2020, despite the political headwinds that the charter sector is currently facing in Chicago. To make this possible, Noble is engaging more deeply with parents and communities to increase their support of Noble and better enable expansion. In parallel, Noble continues to invest in talent, additional college supports, and program improvements to further improve student results.

Our Impact

Cumulative Value Delivered to Noble

Management Support Highlights

Human Capital: A Better Chicago supported Noble Network of Charter Schools' partnership with TNTP to conduct a teacher retention diagnostic in 2016, covering 75% of the fees. The network is in the process of acting on the insights gained through this work.

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