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  • Grantee since: 2011
  • Current students served: 3,578


OneGoal’s mission is to close the college divide by enlisting and training the nation’s best educators to teach historically underserved high school students how to enroll in and succeed in college. The organization does so through a three-year program that begins junior year of high school and runs through the first day of students’ sophomore year of college.

Why We Invested

OneGoal-Chicago (OGC) seeks to close the achievement gap by helping historically underserved, low-income students get to and through college. Nationally, only 9% of students from the lowest economic quartile graduate from college by age 24, which trails far behind the 77% college completion rate for students in the top income quartile. External evaluation has provided evidence of OGC's impact in closing this gap. A University of Chicago study found that OGC increases college enrollment and persistence by 10 to 20 percentage points while also increasing non-cognitive skills and academic performance. Additionally, in FY16, 63% of OGC fellows who graduated from high school persisted to their sophomore year of college, compared to 33% of their Chicago Public Schools peers with similar academic performance in high school. The organization has developed a unique teacher-led model that is effective, affordable and scalable. Driven by its exemplary national and local management teams, the organization has become a leading college success program in Chicago and nationally.

Our Assessment

Want to learn more? Check out our organizational assessment.

Grantee Performance

Note: Key outcome and benchmark calculated using an indexed rate (each calculation input based on the most recently available data) rather than a cohort rate (calculation based on data from the same set of students over time) in order to reflect the current state of educational attainment as accurately as possible. Benchmark is based on Chicago data reflecting outcomes for students with academic credentials similar to OGC students. College persistence rates are reflective of the college graduating Class of 2019. Students Served indicates high school juniors through college freshmen.

Source: OneGoal-Chicago; Chicago Public Schools; OneGoal financial statements.

Looking Ahead

OGC continues to embark on ambitious growth, serving 3,578 students in FY17 with plans to grow to 4,150 in FY18. OneGoal recently completed an ambitious strategic plan for the next five years which lays out ambitious growth plans anchored in reaching 30,000 students nationally by 2022. The Chicago leadership team continues to explore avenues for city-wide saturation, including entering year two of a pilot program that significantly increases the number of students served at a single high school.


Our Impact

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Management Support Highlights

Strategic Plan: OneGoal worked with Bellwether Education Partners to complete a national strategic plan. A Better Chicago supported the project through joining the steering committee and covering 50% of the fees. 

Program Strategy: OneGoal-Chicago worked with Greater Good Studio to complete a program strategy to ensure that program directors consistently coach fellows to increase the selectivity of college match. A Better Chicago helped scope the engagement and covered 50% of the fees. 

Legal support: Latham & Watkins has supported OneGoal on a number of legal matters. A Better Chicago provided this pro bono connection.

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