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A Better Chicago’s CEO honored

Written by A Better Chicago Staff on Mar 10, 2014

Our Founder + CEO Liam Krehbiel was honored by Make It Better, which highlighted how A Better Chicago is demonstrating real social impact with convincing, business-like data. Check out the full article by Susan Noyes at Make It Better.


“What his grandfather did for plastic manufacturing, Liam Krehbiel, Founder and CEO of A Better Chicago, is poised to do for venture philanthropy.

That’s a big statement. Frederick Krehbiel founded Molex Inc. in 1938, when plastic was in its infancy. The Krehbiel family recently sold the Chicago-based business for $7.2 billion.

Venture philanthropy is another big idea in its infancy, just as plastic was 80 years ago. In brief, it means investing philanthropic dollars and volunteer hours for maximum impact—think most lives made better per dollar spent.

Krehbiel so believes that society will “move the needle for low-income Chicagoans” when we approach social mission work like venture capitalists, that he made proving this his life’s work in 2010 when he founded A Better Chicago (ABC).”

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