Our Culture

A Better Chicago is committed to cultivating a dynamic and inclusive culture that maximizes performance and attracts world class talent.

The foundation of our culture is our eight core values:


We proactively step up to challenges, make tough decisions and act decisively. We say what we believe, even if it’s unpopular.


We respect and seek to understand a diverse range of perspectives from our teammates, partners and the communities we serve.


We consistently accomplish outstanding work. We hold ourselves accountable to delivering results. We have a bias toward action.


We take a deliberate approach. We make wise decisions despite ambiguity. We cut through noise to focus on the most important issues.

Positive attitude

We bring energy, optimism and a sense of possibility to our work, especially in challenging times.


We actively work to fully understand our abilities, our growth opportunities and how our actions affect others.


We get better every day through constructive feedback, reflection and growth. We find creative solutions to overcome challenges.


We support and challenge our colleagues to be their best. We work collaboratively to solve problems. We put our team above ourselves.