West Side United

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  • Investment to Date $297K
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  • Grantee Since 2020
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Westside United’s “Cluster of Care” model leverages its collaborative hospital assets and provides in-kind services at West Side elementary schools and close partnerships with school partners to identify and secure a customized set of supports based on the needs of the school partner and its community. Core supports provided in collaboration with hospital partners would include primary care services, mental health services, social emotional learning support, trauma-informed professional development training for teachers, and early healthcare to career exposure.

Why We Invested

Through an increase in school enrollment, attendance, and SQRP scores, the Hub model shows promise in also increasing student academic and social-emotional learning outcomes. As a result, students will experience increased opportunity to access selective enrollment high schools. Student health outcomes would also improve, and parents and care givers would ultimately realize higher employment rates leading to more wealth-building in the community.

Looking Ahead

West Side United has an ambitious vision for replicating the Community Hub model. The organization hopes to establish a Hub in each of their nine West Side communities over the coming years. Eventually, West Side United believes that this model could be replicated in high-need communities throughout Chicago. Long term, West Side United would like to see the Hubs self-sustain through adoption from the school district or backbone organizations in Hub communities.

Our Impact

WSU is participating in a technical assistance, project management, and strategic planning project with Hansra Consulting & Advisory Services. A Better Chicago covered 80 percent of the cost for this project.