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#WeAreChicago: Nikhil Angelo

Written by Danielle Veira on Dec 27, 2018

Nikhil Angelo isn’t your typical “finance guy.” An educator and activist at heart, Nikhil started his career as a public-school teacher and community organizer who helped local parents advocate for better public schools in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Today, he brings his unique combination of social sector and private sector expertise as an investment banker to A Better Chicago’s Impact Council—a group of Chicago’s next-generation philanthropists who leverage their skills and networks to support A Better Chicago and its grantees.

During his years as an organizer, Nikhil witnessed a vibrant community of nonprofits and volunteers who were passionately working to create a city where students in every neighborhood have access to a great education. However, many of these efforts were disconnected from each other and operating in silos without a unifying vision, which ultimately impeded the educational outcomes they strived to achieve.

“We needed a broader, overarching strategy to align our collective efforts and deliver true sustainable change. I believe A Better Chicago equips grantee organizations and donors to make that kind of impact.”

When asked why he chose to dedicate his time and resources to A Better Chicago specifically, Nikhil shares that he was inspired by the organization’s unique model and clear mission. He feels that A Better Chicago’s Impact Council creates a space for him to have a tangible and meaningful role in serving his city. As an Impact Council member, Nikhil has the opportunity to provide financial and strategic support to grantees. He also raises awareness of A Better Chicago’s work and plays a critical part in cultivating the next generation of philanthropists and civic leaders. He leverages his perspective as a former educator and organizer, as well as an emerging business leader, to act as a bridge for potential donors who want to make a difference but may not know the right levers to push or questions to ask in order to make the most impact.

Nikhil is hopeful about Chicago’s future and the students who represent the next generation of our city’s leaders. He encourages us all to look at Chicago’s schools from a place of assets as opposed to a place of deficits. He reminds us that investing in all our students to reach their full potential, no matter their zip code, can transform our city.

“At the end of the day, I still am an organizer. Before I was organizing people, now I organize resources and philanthropic efforts to build a better Chicago for us all.”

Nikhil is building a better Chicago. Learn more about the incredible people who make up our community at #WeAreChicago

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