Meet the people building a better Chicago

Our community is made up of unique individuals with one shared mission: to fight poverty by investing in our city's Black and Latinx youth.

Nikhil Angelo

Brent Rasmussen

Colin Baker

Domonique Battle

Sarah Berghorst

Zulmarie Bosques

Blair Bryant

Blenda Chiu

Melissa Flores

Aarti Dhupelia

Chris Haid

Joseph Hemingway

Constance Jones

Kelly Jones

Dominique Jordan Turner

Timothy Knowles

Carey Kogol

Kristina Mamon

Brooke McKean

Danisha Moore

Marshana Roberts Pace

Paige Ponder

Christine Poorman

Vaish Shastry

Sarey Snieg

Kate Sullivan

Kwyn Townsend Riley

Laura Walzer

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